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Thread: Opening up a Solis SL90

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    Opening up a Solis SL90

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    I want to look into a problem with my Solis SL90 but cant work out how to get access to the guts of the machine. Removing the one screw visible on the top hotplate doesnt seem to release anything.

    The Solis wont power up. Pressing the power switch brings everything to life for less than a second before shutting down. The latching function on the power isnt working.

    Any suggestions for disassembly would be appreciated.

    I am an electronics tech.


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    Re: Opening up a Solis SL90


    Dug through my Coffee archives and found two articles which may be of use / interest....

    Hope they help... they will be at your email address.


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    Re: Opening up a Solis SL90

    After you unscrew the cup warmer just push it foward(towards the panel) Then you have access to the inside:)

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    Hi, I’m facing the the problem now with my Solis sl90 , it won’t power up , it does that for les than a second and turn of again, how did you fix yours Ron please.

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    I hope you realise that this thread is almost 14 years old...
    The OP hasn't posted at all for more than a year.

    Try sending a PM since he may still receive those.


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