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Thread: shipping a minore

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    shipping a minore

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    hey ppl,

    just a quickie.. we are heading south, from syd to melbourne, and getting removalists to transport our stuff. just a quick question on how best to ship the minore? it will be packed by them, so hopefully pretty well, and travelling by train. it may be in storage for a week or two while we find a new place to live, but just wondering if i need to drain the boilers etc?
    if so, what is the best way? any other pointer?


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    Re: shipping a minore

    No need to drain the boilers Dan,

    They ship with some water in them...

    I sometimes empty the tank and then push it down to fool the machine into thinking it has water. Then, operate the group but switch it off immediately when the flow slows or youll run the pump dry....and sometimes they dont self prime...

    Alternately you could do pretty much nothing and just empty the will still be absolutely fine ;).


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    Re: shipping a minore

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    Would you leave water in the any boiler for months if going on holiday or something?

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