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Thread: Moving to Sydney with my Gaggia Classic

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    Moving to Sydney with my Gaggia Classic

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    Will a Gaggia Classic work in both 230 volt/50HZ and 110 Volt/60hz?
    I have a Gaggia Classic here in the USA that I plan to take with me to Sydney in a few months. We have 110 volts here. Can anyone tell me what I have to do to my Gaggia so it works in Australia?



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    Re: Moving to Sydney with my Gaggia Classic

    It should work as long as you purchase or have made a step up transformer to take your unit from 110 to 240 volts.
    To have a unit made could cost around $150 -$200

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    Re: Moving to Sydney with my Gaggia Classic

    Hi Cafeespresso,

    Get yourself a step-down transformer that will take AUS 240 volts down to U.S. 110 volts.
    There are plenty of electronics stores in Sydney that sell them.
    Keep in mind that your Classic is rated at 1425 watts so you need a transformer that can handle that type of load which may not necessarily be cheap. You could be looking at $300-$400.
    If you are staying a long time or for good, it might be worthwhile buying a new machine when you get here and selling your old one before you leave the U.S.


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    Re: Moving to Sydney with my Gaggia Classic

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    Thank you very much for the advice. Actually considered selling my Classic as Tim suggested, and then remembered how difficult it was to get this particular bronze version. Finally, I got a hold of an electric parts supplier and got a good deal on a 2000 watt transformer as you both suggested. My beloved Gaggia should be pouring good quality veneno in Sydney in the near future. ;D

    Thanks again,


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