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Thread: Best grind setting for Percolator

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    Best grind setting for Percolator

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    My Breville has died :( :( But, I guess I should expect this >:( It is being replaced but surprise surprise it will take x2 months. *Another expected result I read here.
    Anyway, I need some caffiene. *We have a percolator and a Sunbeam Grinder. Was wondering what sort of grind I need to get the best result out of the perculator please.
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    Re: Best grind setting for Perculator

    In between Espresso and Plunger grind... If it chokes, course the grind and vice versa...

    What ever the setting was for the breville, course the grind a few clicks... perhaps 3 clicks on the sunbeam....

    Like all things coffee... you need to find the right grind


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    Re: Best grind setting for Perculator

    Just to clarify - a lot of people confuse a "Percolator" and a "Drip Filter" coffee machine, especially in domestic situations.

    If you are actually using a "Percolator" which has a wire/mesh type brew basket you would be needing a fairly coarse grind very very similar to plunger grind.

    If you are actually using a "Drip Filter" you would need a fairly fine grind - a few notches up from espresso grind.

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    Re: Best grind setting for Percolator

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    And also....

    Percolated coffee is probably one of the worst ways to prepare a brew, an insult to the bean really :o. Much better to go with a Plunger/French Press while the espresso machine is out of action. These can be picked up for very reasonable cost at most Woolies, K-mart and BigW, etc. Of course, you could go for one of the more fancied brand varieties from Myers or DJs but the brew wont be any better.

    If you are actually referring to a Drip Filter coffee maker, then these are ok but still not up to the consistent quality that can be achieved with a Plunger. The grind for a plunger really depends on the size of the unit and how many cups you are brewing at any one time. Basically, you are looking to grind the coffee so that the plunger can be depressed through the liquor with a firm even pressure, not too fast (coffee too coarse) or too difficult to depress (coffee too fine). The actual grind setting will vary quite a bit from brewing for a single cup and for say four cups in the same plunger. Could probably start off with a grind that produces cuttings the size of grains of sugar, and then adjust as needed from there.

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