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Thread: Coffee Carts??

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    Coffee Carts??

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi guys,

    Yay, my first piece of question asking!!

    Would anyone be able to give me any advice on setting up a mobile coffee cart. Not so much info on machines and grinders, but info regarding either where to buy pre made carts or, preferably, any specifications on constructing my own cart.

    If anyone has recommendations on ideal size (one person operator, must fit through a door), power recommendations, fridge size, amounts of storage, sinks, hot water units etc.

    Basically I am wondering if theres anyone who has been through this setup and at the end wished there were other things they should have added.


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    Re: Coffee Carts??

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs smitten.

    The sponsor Cuppacoffee (see the link on the left) takes a machine to functions.
    Im not sure if its on a cart but you could ask him for a start.
    He wont be back online until the 8th.

    I would think that info on machines and grinders would go hand in hand becuase some might go better in a cart situation.
    What equipment were you considering?

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    Re: Coffee Carts??

    Diadema 2group HX because its only 10amps and has pulling power without the need for extra pumps and probably nothing less than a mazzer robur is my thoughts equipment wise. But am open to suggestions if anyone else has found things that work well.

    Thanks for the advice on Cuppacoffee, will get in touch next week.

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    Re: Coffee Carts??

    You really have to consider what you want to use it for, if you want to do decent sized events then your 10amp machine just wont keep up and the lines will get longer and longer. I have had to downgrade to a compact machine this week (still 15amp) and I have noticed that the machine just wont keep up with the demand. Second the advice regarding talking to cuppacoffee, you cant buy that sort of experience.

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    Re: Coffee Carts??


    Why do not talk to this people first:

    For what I know, most of this carts need a council approval.



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    Re: Coffee Carts??

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    By all means take a look at the websites recommended, though I think youll find them pretty useless for the application youre considering and way overpriced.

    Take a look at my website and youll see the machine (10amp) and cart I use. My setup will easily do what you require.

    Give me a call on Monday (preferrably the afternoon/evening) and I can give you more info.

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