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Thread: How to use a camping coffeemaker

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    How to use a camping coffeemaker

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    Ive got an enamel coffeemaker that came with a camping cookware set, and I tried using it on my oven and nothing happened. The water boiled, but it never even got the grinds wet, let alone made coffee, even after 15 minutes of boiling. Anyone got any ideas as to how to cook with one? Is it a dud; am I doing it wrong?

    Here is a pic of what it looks like, and the inside looks basically like a percolator.

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    Re: How to use a camping coffeemaker

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    it is a perculator
    is all the parts complete
    shoul be stem and basket

    water heats up and travels up the stem, hits the lid and falls on to the coffee, drips through etc

    filter grind


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