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Thread: Setting up a mobile cafe

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    Setting up a mobile cafe

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    Hi, Im a newbie so I hope Im doing this right! *What a fantastic site!! *Cant believe Ive never stumbled across it before, so glad I have now.....

    I own an upmarket(ish) licensed cafe in a regional tourist area which my partner and I started from scratch 4 years ago. *I obviously have an understanding of running a cafe business, coffee making, cooking, service etc. but my technical knowledge is not great in terms of different machines, grinders etc. (certainly not like most CS members!)
    We are now toying with the idea of expanding into a mobile cafe business to attend local events by fitting out an old caravan, I have seen it done well & very very badly! *We will simply be doing good coffee/quality tea, a good selection of homemade biscuits & slices and sometimes soup with quality handmade bread.
    I am looking for any wisdom and advice in regards to the conversion of a caravan, and moreso assistance with the necessary equipment like generators, invertor systems?, water tanks etc. that I would not be familiar with in a standard cafe situation.

    Thanks in advance! All opinions and wisdom welcomed!!

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    Re: Setting up a mobile cafe

    where are you from? this may affect what is required for a business of this type based on local laws and standards...

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    Re: Setting up a mobile cafe

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    I did this last year and the best advice I can give you is research research research. Talk to as many people as you can (both in and out of the cafe industry), also it will take twice as long and cost twice as much as you anticipate (if you are lucky). Wishing you all the best it is worth the effort as long as the business plan is solid.

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