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Thread: Wet grounds/residue

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    Wet grounds/residue

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    Hi, I have a possible problem with my new coffee machine. Its a Delonghi EC270. After making coffee, the coffee grounds in the filter holder are always wet, verging on a sludge. Apart from being annoying to clean out, I assume thats not such a good thing? Is there not enough supply pressure or perhaps the steam is not hot enough? Should I be worrying at all!

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: Wet grounds/residue

    Hi Andyf and welcome,

    Usually a dosing issue, ie that you are not dosing enough (underdosing, or not putting enough grinds in the basket).

    Try filling the basket up so that when you take the portafilter handle (thing that holds the basket) out, you have an imprint of the shower screen thats in the group where the portafilter gets locked into.

    You will need to adjust your grind also.

    Happy brewing,

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    Re: Wet grounds/residue

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    Ahh much better! Thanks very much for you help.

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