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Thread: Le French Press grind?

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    Le French Press grind?

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    i have recently purchased my first french press as i have come to relise that i cant take my lovely Brugnetti to work every day :( anyway i am having trouble getting a nice coarse grind out of my simonelli grinder and therefore a lot of grinds are making there way from the press into my cup :D considering it is 1 $12 jobby from Kmart i wasnt expecting big things so i went and had a look at a Bodum in myer ($50ish) and notice it has a much finer mesh on the press. is this the reason why i am gettin grinds through the screen in my Kmart special?? how can i get a coarser grind out of my grinder when the coarse knob is fully wound out??


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    Re: Le French Press grind?

    Dont know anything about your grinder but have you considered getting an Aeropress? Great coffee and it can handle most grinds and still keep the grinds out of your cup. Portable and easy to use.



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    Re: Le French Press grind?

    I second the Aeropress.
    My wife prefers it now to the espresso based long blacks from my machine.

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    Re: Le French Press grind?

    how is your technique i know some people like to scrap off the grinds from the top of the cup before they plunge to lessen the sludge at the bottom of the cup

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    Re: Le French Press grind?

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    Regarding Technique. Mark Prince from coffee geek has a really good french press aka press pot at This also gives an indication on grind size as he shows his grounds (I always ground way too fine until I saw some vids showing french press). And yes a finer mesh should help reduce sludge but not entirely.

    Edit: Sorry the video I was really thinking of was James Hoffmanns French Press Techniques video found at Note: some of his advice/techniques are a bit OTT for the normal brew (eg. brewing on a scale/ how many ppm dissolved solids). His picture on how fine his grind is for french press is really the best thing from this video.

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