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Thread: E61 mushroom scale buildup

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    E61 mushroom scale buildup

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    Hi all
    I wanted to ask CS members about their experience with E61 mushroom scale buildup.
    I took this photo 1 week after performing a full boiler descaling of my Giotto, including opening up and descaling of the E61 group & mushroom, and letting it soak in some descaling solution for 2 hours, followed by emptying and flushing the boiler 2-3 times above the water line.
    I was very surprised to see that scale plaque had formed just 1 week post-descaling! *This time I not only soaked it in a descaling solution, but scrubbed that dirty little mushroom with a stiff brush.
    Is this normal to get scale plaque 1 week after?
    I am using a Brita filter with fairly soft Canberra water.

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    Re: E61 mushroom scale buildup

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    Welcome jingjock..... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    If you can call into CosmoreX Coffee (Canberra), Attilio is very au fait with most matters H2O/Scale and will be able to offer you excellent advice. All the best.... :)


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