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Thread: Silvia Problems

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    Silvia Problems

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    Hi all, this is my first post.

    Based predominantly on the information on this site and other coffee sites I decided to upgrade my machine to the Silvia (which I brought home yesterday). My initial impression was that it is a great unit visually and she looks like she wants to produce great shots, but I am struggling.

    My previous machine made smooth, syrupy shots with great crema but was starting to deteriorate. The majority of shots from Silvia do date are watery and very bitter. The beans I have been using are fresh (1-2 weeks) and ground by the distributor to there opinion of a good ground.

    I would appreciate any tips.

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    Re: Silvia Problems

    Your aim should be to get about 2ozs in approx 25 secs. How long are your pours currently taking?

    Sounds like theyre too quick and that would be because the beans arent ground fine enough or arent tamped firmly and evenly or the basket isnt full enough

    Im sure you would have noticed in your forum research that the grinder is critical to good results especially with machines in the Silvia class and above.
    Your roasters idea of what a good grind is may not suit silvia at all. It sounds like your beans need to be ground finer.

    this info in more detail is all over the web.

    (ps sorry for any typos, I cant proof the above as im running blind without glasses :()

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    Re: Silvia Problems


    Im still new at this. When you use the double basket, would you aim for 4ozs or is that regardless of whether using single or double basket? If you are making two cups, should both cups be 2 ozs each? As Ive read that you should you the double basket everytime, how do you make it taste like a single but you have double the amount to drink ?. A little confused here. :-/


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    Re: Silvia Problems

    Franjae use the double basket fill it with ground coffee, tap the Filter handle on the bench fill it again, remove excess coffee level with the top of the basket then tamp.

    Assuming you are using the standard filter handle with 2 spouts just put your cup under one and catch and toss the other stream down the sink.

    Hope that helps.


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    Re: Silvia Problems

    Another suggestion if you use the double basket and double spout!!!
    Why not put your glass or cup or whatever under both spouts and grab the nectar of the GODS ie about the first 25-30 ml from both of the spouts.
    This should be sweeter and lack and bitter notes.

    I use this method for most drinks. Although when having a plain espresso or a piccolo latte I capture about the first 20 ml.
    That is my poison any way. Try it . It is worth the trip.

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    Re: Silvia Problems

    Quote Originally Posted by GR8WineandCoffee link=1105860719/0#4 date=1105945799
    Why not put your glass or cup or whatever under both spouts and grab the nectar of the GODS ie about the first 25-30 ml from both of the spouts.

    I hear ya :D

    Its very similar making beer from grain (another hobby). Its what Brewers refer to as the first runnings of the mash.

    I always develop pangs of guilt tossing half a coffee away. Better down my screech than the sinks ;)

    Warren -

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    Re: Silvia Problems

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    Yeah much better to catch all of the early extraction and stop the pour early than than to throw half away.

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