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Thread: Calling all Rancilio Audrey owners

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    Calling all Rancilio Audrey owners

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    I am wondering what style of steam wand you have. I have one with a dodgy froth enhancer on the end. I am wanting to change it to a normal tip. I have rung Coffeparts, Mocopan... All to no avail.
    Any ideas. Will I need to make one up? 2mcm had an audrey with a straight pipe and standard tip at one stage. The current pipe is 6mm OD and 4mm ID. What size are the tips on most machines?

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    Re: Calling all Rancilio Audrey owners

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    I once asked the Mocopan service dept about this. The guy said they could easily fit a Silvia steam wand onto an Audrey.

    Good luck.

    - Rob

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