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    SS Tamper

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    I just got a beautiful Greg Pullman SS tamper with a really comfortable hand made jarrah handle today. I never realised just how much difference a decent tamper makes. I swear the coffee tastes better (less bitterness) and Im guessing is because the water get forced through the puck more evenly rather than forcing its way through the soft spots that dont get tamped as hard.


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    Re: SS Tamper

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    Thats good to hear Mick. I ordered one of Gregs 58mm tampers just yesterday. Its replacing a 55mm one that had been mistakenly supplied to me recently. If anybody needs a decent 55mm tamper (rosewood handle / SS convex base) please check out my thread in "buy & sell" section.
    I cant wait to see Gregs tamper. Everybody seems to rave about the quality. Hopefully itll improve my shots as well.


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