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Thread: new bezzera help

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    new bezzera help

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    hi all,
    just purchased a newish bezzera bz99. its quite an upgrade over my gaggia classic and i am just wondering if anyone here can tell me the difference in operating such a semi commercial machine. im refering to grind (courser/finer?), tamp etc...
    im still feeling my way around this machine.

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    Re: new bezzera help

    The biggest thing when setting up your grinder is to be consistent with your dosing and get that right before playing around with your grind too much. If you click this here you will find a post by 2mcm about dosing which may help you a little to prevent you from under dosing. There is much debate over how much tamp pressure and how that affects things but work on being consistent first and than go from there. I am sure you will enjoy the new purchase and be pleased with your coffee in no time.


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    Re: new bezzera help

    Hi talbashan,

    Well I dont and havent owned either of those machines (lots of others though!)

    The tamp for any machine should be 30lbs (about 13.5 Kg) and that doesnt vary from machine to machine....

    So the only other variables are the quantity of coffee grinds (the compressed puck should just touch the shower screen in all cases) and the grind itself.... which should be fine enough so that you get the regulation 60ml of pour from a double basket in 25 seconds....

    With each new machine or grinder the only method is "trial and error" to get it set correctly

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    Re: new bezzera help

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    Having owned both machines I an say that grind is very similar for both, as is the need to up-dose.

    However, whereas the Classic can be quite pernickety about grind, and doesnt like too much pressure in the tamp, the Bz99 will take a slightly more forceful tamp, and a smooth polish, and you may find that you need to fine up your grind by one to two clicks on the Rocky.

    Another major difference I notice between the two machines is that, with the Classic, the water tends to rush out, and can sometimes scold the coffee (although, to a certain extent, I put this down to my machine still being relatively new, and the need to run the machine in a bit). whereas with the Bezzera, I find a beautiful slow, even and consistent pour, which takes time to soak the puck before extracting, producing remarkably consistent crema, without scolding the coffee.

    Also, given the smooth and gentle extraction of the BZ99, I think that you will be able to pick up far more of the subtle nuances, and palate structure of the coffee.

    This being the case i find myself increasingly drawn towards single origin coffees, so that I can start to recognise and appreciate the individual flavours associated with beans from that region.

    If your machine is second hand, I also recommend that you have it cleaned and descaled, the seals changed, and the machine serviced generally.

    Better to do that now, at minimal expense, then to pay a lot more to fix something later!

    Good luck with the new machine, keep us informed of your progress!



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