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Thread: Filter Basket Image

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    Filter Basket Image

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Surfing around and I came accross this image I thought I would share
    The web page is Here youll need to run it through a czech to english translate program.

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    Re: Filter Basket Image

    Yes teh ExtractMoJo and comments were great to see...

    I have said time and time again.. That when people get caught up in Volume / Time / Shot pour and Quality / Taste that too many make Assumptions that; all teh other variables are teh same or have no / little impact....

    The problm is that people dont know what they dont know.

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    Re: Filter Basket Image

    Following the lecture, George Howell organized a seminar on the use of new equipment for evaluation ExtractMoJo coffee. Software ExtractMoJo is in conjunction with a digital hand refractometer very powerful tool for checking the correct coffee. Can seamlessly measure the concentration of dissolved substances (TDS - Total Solids Disolved) in a cup of drip coffee as well as its strength. Under the so-called rules of the Gold Cup standard can then easily and accurately calibrate the amount of coffee, the grain and powdered for extraction so as to utilize its maximum potential. For more information you can find on the website Terroir Coffee - The price of the program and espresso refractometer (refractometer or the filtered coffee) is 639 USD.

    What makes me the whole lecture is most surprising about the significant impact the quality of the cups on the final extraction. At a subsequent picture you can see comparisons cups made in Italy and Spain. According to Chief Engineer Terroir Coffee have produced some of the standard cups significantly different size and shape of the holes. With my own eyes, we can see how enormous the problem was to prepare espresso with the right parameters (TDS / extraction) using a low quality double basket.


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    Re: Filter Basket Image

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Interesting discussion re cheap hand held refractometers here lots available on the bay for not much money, I suspect once you have a ball park figure to aim for taking a meaningful RI reading would be no big deal. :)

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