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Thread: Why has our Bialetti stopped working ?

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    Why has our Bialetti stopped working ?

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    Our Bialetti Moka Express has stopped working !
    (stove top type)

    Were doing nothing differently, but it now just shoots steam out the top and never pushes any water (thru the coffee) up into the top chamber.

    When we open it up, half the coffee is still dry and no longer does it sit in a compressed damp disc at the top of the holder.

    We just got a new rubber gasket, but no luck.

    Anyone know why ?

    The only thing left to replace is the coffee holder thing itself .
    Its only 6 months old.

    cheers ! Ian.

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    Re: Why has our Bialetti stopped working ?

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    Welcome auscot.

    You have a steam leak between the base and the top of the machine which is allowing a bypass straight through to the top.

    The steam should of course stay in the bottom section, expand and push the boiling water through the funnel, the grinds, and into the top as brewed / extracted espresso coffee.

    Check the top surface of the base and make sure it has no niks or bumps etc that would stop it sealing against the rubber seal. Check the top surface of the funnel for the same. Make sure it has not been pushed / bumped out of shape (out of round) also not sealing against the rubber.

    Ever dropped any of the parts on the floor????? Its only aluminium so check carefully.

    Also, some rubbers are cut incorrectly and are loose in situ also not allowing a proper seal so even your new seal could be sus.......

    Hope that helps.

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