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Thread: Who Wants a 58mm 28g Basket???

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    Who Wants a 58mm 28g Basket???

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Quote Originally Posted by 49414F47455F5F434F472C0 link=1305305565/24#24 date=1305455658
    Now that sounds like what I need for my morning kick start. I currently use standard 14g baskets which actually hold 16-16.5g
    I suppose if enough people wanted some of these monsters shipping costs would be pretty reasonable. They came as part of a multiple item bulk buy I did here a bit ago. I have something like 70 or 80 of them sitting here. They hold 28g with-out updosing and have a minimal ridge and straight sides. They measure 1.050 inches high and fit in La Cimbali portafilters which are shallower than most manufacturers Ive been told so will probably fit most 58mm portafilters.

    In the attached pictures Ive included a single and double La Cimbali basket for size comparison. The Cimbali double basket holds about the same as yours does.

    Java "Going to Hell in a 28g basket!" phile

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    Re: Who Wants a 58mm 28g Basket???

    Anyone else interested in 28g baskets?
    Please PM me if so. If enough people are interested javaphile will ship me a batch and Ill forward anywhere in australia. Price should be no more than $15 each delivered, hopefully less.

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    Re: Who Wants a 58mm 28g Basket???

    [movedhere] General Coffee Related... [move by] Mal.

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    Re: Who Wants a 58mm 28g Basket???

    The largest basket that I have ever used is 21gr
    I went down to an 18gr

    I fear that I will overdose with a 28gr basket :D


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    Re: Who Wants a 58mm 28g Basket???

    thats not a basket java, thats more like a bucket mate :P

    I really need my morning coffee when I wake up, but dont think even id want one that strong, that and I dont think it would fit in silvias PF

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    Re: Who Wants a 58mm 28g Basket???

    Quote Originally Posted by 69716B766A6D607B7670190 link=1305461208/4#4 date=1305544086
    that and I dont think it would fit in silvias PF
    Get naked?

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    Re: Who Wants a 58mm 28g Basket???

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    There was one of these included with a naked I bought. Fun to play with, but I found myself working through a lot of beans...

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