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Thread: IQ brand coffee machine

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    IQ brand coffee machine

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Is it possible to extract decent espresso with a Coles supermarket, $70 IQ coffee machine? *Perhaps. The unit has features lacking in much more expensive equipment in this class.*For instance, a stainless steel boiler, probably around 100 ml, with two thermostats, one for coffee, another for steam.

    The chassis is painted steel, not plastic, albeit with plastic base and top, plus aluminium cup heating section. The water tank is easy to see, remove and fill. *
    Heat up time is extremely quick. Cremas are consistently produced, about 4 mm thick in a shot glass. A little on the yellow side, perhaps due to my very antique Italian Trespade hand grinder with *dubious blunt burrs.

    Proper milk frothing for one cappuccino is done by exhausting the steam into the jug, then pressing allowing more water to be pumped into the boiler, waiting a few seconds for the indicator light to come on again, and---beautiful, very thick, silky froth. Bit of a pain but (probably) worth the effort. The chromed wand has a 90-degree bend which restricts insertion to the base of the jug.*

    Pucks on the single dose are watery, but dry on the double, irrespective of the 25-seconds/ 30 ml. Again, this could be due to the grinders shortcomings. One notch either side of "perfect" and the extraction is too watery or over-timed.

    The portafiller is chromed aluminium, and, after 8 months use, the chrome has turned black inside. *Ive removed the spring which pushes a lug on the handle over the filter to stop it falling out -- meaning the lug had to be held back when inserting the portafiller onto the group.

    The drip tray is large, black plastic, easily removable and cleaned.

    I know the IQ wont last forever, but is a quantum leap from the thin, cremaless burnt stove-top espressos Ive "enjoyed" for decades. *Id like a bigger boiler for steam especially.

    Am contemplating upgrading to an Imat Mokita combi, or a Silvia with Lux grinder.
    Anyone have any thoughts? *Anyone else with an IQ machine?

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    Re: iq coffee machine

    Im pretty sure Alan Frew checked out the machine youve mentioned and was fairly happy with the quality and output for the price paid. If you have a look around you will find lots of information on various consumer machines.

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    Re: IQ brand coffee machine

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Think this is what youd be looking for ...

    Enjoy - ;D

    Warren -

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