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Thread: Bezzera ?

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    Bezzera ?

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    Hi all,

    Anybody know what this might be? I picked it up in awful shape the other day - and I admit this photo is below average. It looks like a two group machine, but what you can't see, is that on the right hand side of the machine is what looks like a third group head, only it's much larger than a standard one. It sits directly below that large glass cylinder thing, which relates to another question I have; namely what the hell is that?

    Anybody seen something like this? As I say, I think it's been sitting on the wrong floor for too long. Even one of the side panels is missing. But I'll get it looked at (read: diagnosed) if you all tell me I should...
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    I can help you out with the large group head. Based on what other members have said in the past, I believe it's called a hotel group.

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    Interesting. I didn't pick up any group handles with this, meaning that even if it does fly again, I've no IDEA where I would get one to fit that group...

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