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Thread: Quick and Dirty improvised Knock Box for $4

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    Quick and Dirty improvised Knock Box for $4

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    So here is my extremely quick and dirty improvised knock box. It may not pass the wife test which is lucky that I am single but it does the job.

    Equipment - 1 small metal bowl, 1 dowel 2-3cm larger than diameter of bowl, 1 large 2 small rubber bands.
    Put one large rubber band around the bowl
    Loop 2 small rubber bands under the large and feed both loops through dowel
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    nice idea,
    looks like the peculator has done a few kms too

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    Ghetto at its finest.

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    I figure if you did that ..but used the Dog bowl... it may even be self emptying !

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    man why didn't i think of that ? awesome lash up !

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