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Thread: Long(ish) term machine storage

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    Question Long(ish) term machine storage

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    Hi all,

    So I'm lucky enough to be heading to the USA soon for 7 weeks, and am wondering what I need to do with my machine while away? I will obviously give it a full clean down, chem backflush etc. But do I leave water in the tank, or completely empty? Pf in or out etc.

    Any tips appreciated, thanks. It's a v2 evo rocket btw, if that matters.


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    I asked the question a few years ago regarding a commercial machine for not using for 3-4 months at a stretch. Best advice was give it a clean leave water in it and flush the boiler water a couple of times (It has a 21L boiler) This has worked well for me now for a few years. I leave it away PF out not that the group gasket is that likely to stick. On a domestic with a tank I would leave the tank empty but boiler full.

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    Long(ish) term machine storage

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    Just make sure there are no mice around, for some reason they love to choose your wiring to sharpen there teeth (from experience on multiple machines in our warehouse)

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