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Thread: Best setup for high volume drip demo?

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    Lightbulb Best setup for high volume drip demo?

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    Here is my scenario and I would like to ask all of your advice on the best equipment approach:

    I am a small roaster in the US and there is an upcoming roaster coffee show - there will be 4,000 people that will be going to 10 or so roasters for a sample of their drip coffee(s). The facility hosting the show will provide simple 110v electric - but will not provide high voltage nor will they provide the ability to "hard plumb" water lines to equipment.

    I did not participate in the show last year but did attend as a guest - most of the roasters tried to be "hip" by brewing via pour over bars but given the investment of time to brew each cup the volume of 4,000 people quickly made for long lines and unhappy people waiting for their sample.

    I dont want to make the same mistake as my peers last year - but at the same time I am limited in my brewing options given no 220v and no plumbed lines - what do you all suggest? Should I just buy 10 Technivorms and pour into airpots? Is there a low voltage drip brewer out there with a large reservoir? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    Cold Press, in 5 lb batches which will yield 2-2.5 gallons of concentrate. Serve hot or cold. The only power you'll need on site is 120 to run the hot pots and a fridge to store the CP in along with cream/milk if you desire to offer that option.

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