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Thread: Helppp with choosing Gaggia autos!!!!!!!!

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    Helppp with choosing Gaggia autos!!!!!!!!

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    Hi again everyone.
    I need some help pleeeease!
    Could you please give me your opinion on which of the following automatic machines is better?

    Gaggia Syncrony Compact.

    Gaggia Syncrony Logic.

    The only real technical info I can find on these machines (from eBay.... doesnt tell me much about the boiler capacity/material, and the grinder specs. The Logic machine has apparently 18 grind settings while the Compact machine says adjustable grinder....
    Theyre both for sale (new) on eBay and can be found on the above link which is extrastocks online store.
    The corresponding specs for the machines on those pages are very similar to each other but there are a few differences which is why I am confused. Also the Compact machine retails for $100 more than the Logic machine on the buy it now option. Should I assume that the Compact machine is better simply because it retails for more $$?
    I have read reviews on each machine on coffeegeeks but it still confuses me. I have found out that the Logic machine takes approx 1min to reach correct steam temp after pouring a shot, & both machines have 1 boiler.
    The Logic machine looks interestingly similar to the Saeco machines, some people have said that the Gaggia Logic machine is a re-badged Saeco machine, the Saeco one retailing at $989.
    I would appreciate your views on these two Gaggia machines, the Logic & Compact.
    Many thanks in advance. :)


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    Re: Helppp with choosing Gaggia autos!!!!!!!!

    Hi Sam,

    Try here or here (just googled under "gaggia syncrony"). Should have the info youre looking for,


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    Re: Helppp with choosing Gaggia autos!!!!!!!!

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