I recently had a play with an ECM Barista and loved the beautifully shaped chrome and rubber lever that matched the shape of the portafilter handle. It really made me want to get this machine.

It made me think about what specific design features that have nothing to do with the function that you might love. My top ones are:

  1. galerie_bruehgruppe_07.pngAs mentioned, ECM lever and portafilter handle
  2. bezzera cup warm.jpgBezerra Magica drip tray and matching cup warmer with lovely S shaped holes
  3. Vivaldi New Portafilters.jpgNew La Spaziale Vivaldi rocket shaped portafilters with chromed tips
  4. IMG_1356front_knobs600.jpgGiotto steam and water knobs with solid chrome centres

What are the small things are you really love the look of on coffee equipment?