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Thread: New use for a tamper (purists don't look!)

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    New use for a tamper (purists don't look!)

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    After 10+ years I've had more than a few odd requests so not a lot surprises me anymore. But this did. A soils research customer in QLD and needed to locate a steel tamper to push soil through a sieve. It worked out cheaper to buy a convex 316 Pullman Barista than have a custom made 'soil tamper' made up and apparently worked magnificently! This is the result... part of me says 'ouch'!
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    That's one strange taste in coffee... What machine did he use to make his drink?

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    We roast coffee beans in bread makers and turbo ovens, I imagine it's a case of whatever does the job.

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    ...and just like that... a new market opens for Pullman Mining Equipment.

    I love it.
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    I'm putting all my spare tampers on the geologysnobs website thread 'mining hardware for sale'
    They'll go nicely with the giant Euclid dump trucks, huge draglines and massive drilling rigs.

    Watch out for a Pullman Mining Equipment share float!

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    If that's the filter basket, imagine the size of the group handle!
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