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Thread: Naked Portafilter

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    Naked Portafilter

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    Hey everyone just wanted to find out if anyone had knowledge of a shop in Melbourne in which I could take my stock Giotto portafilter and turn it into a bottomless e.g. cut and replated.

    I have a new double coming with a nice wooden handle and shorter spouts so I would like to make use of my old one.
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    Hey guys any suggestions!

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    Got a decent drill? Might be a better option to buy/borrow a holesaw.

    Otherwise, just hit up the YellowPages for an engineering or machining shop - it's a simple job for a shop and you should be able to get a rough quote by ringing around.

    *EDIT* You're unlikely to get it replated, I suspect, and if someone can I reckon it'd cost more than a new naked PF would cost you.

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    No need to replate it unless you want to spend more than the cost of a new naked.

    We can do it for you as can Rick @ The Coffee Machinist


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    Had one of my Rancillio PF's, made nekid by a local machine shop/engineering works, did an excellent job, no damage to the chrome at all except for the brass cutting line.
    The guy charged me $20.

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