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Thread: Faema E87-3 help!!!!!!!

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    Question Faema E87-3 help!!!!!!!

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    Hope there is someone out there who might understand this small problem that I am having with my machine?
    I purchased this machine as a back up while our amazing UNIC tri diva is being repaired and serviced,
    everything seems to run fine with this espresso machine looks the part and makes good coffee however on the first start up and after a good clean I noticed the pump located at the rear left of the machine was having a little trouble starting but it did eventually start running after bit of playing with the machines functions, being a little fussy and a tad worried I decided to remove the pump and motor for further inspection.
    So removed the pump housing from the motor tested motor and all fine but the brass pump seemed stiff to turn by hand so I used my battery drill to spin up the pump in the correct direction shown by the arrow on the bottom!, this seemed to free up the pump so I proceeded reassemble. Guessed this was the culprit for the slow extraction time an a drop in pressure on the gauge.
    All reassembled an running, motor is working just as it should but seems like the pump is not giving any pressure when running as the gauge stays on 6 bar and the extraction time is quite slow, anyone no the correct pressure when the pump is running while extracting coffee?
    I think my pump is worn and needs replacing or refurbishing or am I making a mistake about the pressure problem?

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    You want to set the brew pressure to 9 bar. You can do this with the adjustment screw on the pump head, its basically a spring based bypass. Make sure its smooth and not sticky. Perhaps you inadvertently adjusted it during your investigation?

    The pump should be capable of producing a lot more than the required 9 bar. Mine easily went way over 16 bar when the adjustment was stuck.

    You should also check your OVP and set that to 12 bar.


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