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Thread: Cafelat E61 Portafilter

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    Cafelat E61 Portafilter

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    The brand new Cafelat Portafilter which converts from standard to naked in seconds is available now in Australia and soon there will be plenty of site sponsors and other coffee shops stocking it.

    Each espresso machine manufacturer has subtle differences in their designs and while Cafelat only make a couple of handles now, in the coming months they will manufacture more models to suit most of the other machine variations.

    The generic "E61" should fit most modern E61 type machines but some will work better than others. I'm creating this thread so those that have one working can let other CS'rs know.

    I'll start it off...

    La Marzocco GS3 - WORKING

    At the Snobbery I have had a Cafelat LM model working fine in our GS3. The GS3 has two options in group head seals, the 7.5mm and the 6.5mm in height. The coffee parts 6.5mm seal worked best for me with the Cafelat portafilter and the handle locks into 6 o'clock.
    The portafilter is deep enough to take a triple basket and leave the double spouts on for a much better sized double pour. The bakelite handle feels far more tactile than plastic and looks great. I've also noticed how the stainless steel cleans with a rinse far better than any chrome handle I've owned. I think these are a winner and are better than the original LM stainless handles and at a fraction of the price.

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    Izzo Alex Duetto II - WORKING (after a rocky start!)

    I grabbed an Standard E61 with the smaller double spout from Andy early this week. When i first tried to use it it would barely turn on the group, and spun out each time i lifted the lever, it seemed the lugs were just too thick (or so i thought).

    A quick email to and even quicker reply from Andy and also Chris at Talk Coffee and i ordered a 8mm group seal (without removing mine and measuring, something i probably should have done!) and a triple EP Precision basket to replace the Generic double i was using from Chris.

    Took delivery the next day of the EP basket and the group seal. Threw the EP basket in and gave the portafilter another try, without changing the group seal and like magic, it now locks at 6 o'clock perfectly. Obviously the generic filter basket had a bit more of height in the rolled lip stopping the portafilter turning far enough to lock in properly.

    As per Andy's comment i have noticed the stainless rinses far easier than the original chromed portafilter, and also the depth allows me to run a triple basket without having to go naked if i don't want to. It also has an angled handle which means it sits nicely on a bench-top which the originals don't.

    Overall very happy with the portafilter, and the new EP basket
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    Found two threads about the Cafelat PF, not sure which one is "current".

    Woohoo!! Works a treat in my Bezzera Domus Galatea II (E61 group). Using the blue 8.5mm thick Cafelat group seal the handle locks in around 7/6.30 with light/medium force. Would probably be 6 with the red 8.0 seal.

    Came with a spare o ring and an allen key for the grub screw.

    Feels and looks great (Bakelite handle), the polished areas are a mirror finish. The mini double spout is 42mm wide, measured at the middle (the ends are at an angle).

    I couldn't find the width of the spouts or pics of the inside of the spouts anywhere, so here they are.




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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    I think these are a winner and are better than the original LM stainless handles and at a fraction of the price.
    Stainless is a good idea for a group handle but the Marzocco handle redesign got it wrong - the Marzocco method of retaining the spouts solely by the o-ring isn't secure, which they attempted to fix by changing the shape of the o-ring groove on the handle and changing the o-rings slightly. Now the problem is worse, since there are 2 slightly different o-ring types that are near impossible to tell apart, and fitting the wrong replacement o-ring makes things worse. Plus the spouts are too spindly and easy to damage. The Cafelat design looks way better, as long as the baseplate mounting doesn't run into the same issues as the Marzocco spout mounting.

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    On the fly swap between bottomless and standard.....

    I like it,

    And its compatible with an E61 group......

    Great stuff....

    But first take a look at a CG post

    CoffeeGeek - Cafelat XT Portafilter

    I love this,

    Eliminates the need to keep a chopped pf and a standard one pf at the same time!

    But where can we get this and when?

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    Can you please provide more specific info on the basket (brand model, link to purchase) you used to adapt the portafilter to your Aledx Duetto?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ecelis View Post

    Can you please provide more specific info on the basket (brand model, link to purchase) you used to adapt the portafilter to your Aledx Duetto?

    CoffeeSnobs - BeanBay - Cafelat Coffee Accessories - Cafelat Portafilter - suit E61 Modern no adaptation required

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