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Thread: Scale spoons

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    Scale spoons

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    I was looking for a more precise kitchen scale on eBay and notice many spoons (all based on the same design) with built in 0.1g scales - I thought this might be excellent for dosing coffee. Has anyone tried one?

    It gives the volume of the spoon part as 30mL (looks kind of small for the spoon size in picture) but you can add successive spoonfulls to the weight count.

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    Just had a look on evilbay, the scale spoons look like a good idea for cooking and measuring coffee bean doses. Cheap as chips and shipping is fairly reasonable!

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    I use a cheap evilbay scale spoon at work , I can get 16g of beans in one large scoop which is perfect for my Caravel basket , so they do work for single dosing .

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    I have one, yes, it's ok. But I kinda have switched to the jewelers scales. Mostly because of a change in technique and the difficulty of pouring the grounds into my basket.

    It's brilliant for tea and french press though, and it would possibly work better off I weighed before grinding, but eh, I'm silly like that

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    I've seen them at BigW...

    Come with two spoon sizes that just plug in to the handle. Better than getting one from eBay, given BigW's warranty and replacement policy...


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