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    Hey all, looking to seek some knowledge in the cs community with this..

    started wondering about gregpullman's pressure gauge on the road and how its able to fit so many machines....

    im thinking of getting a pressure gauge pf and hopefully use it to share between 3 people (anita, expobar, 6910, silvia) and was wondering what the pf lug differences are on these machines...

    is there a size that might be able to fit all/most? if so which is it? its all a little confusing with all the different group heads and im also hoping to have it last through some bouts of upgraditis between the 3 of us.

    just thought i throw it out there =)


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    It's not fitting machines, it fits PF's.

    Take a look at the thread about 'on the road' - most spouts seem to have similar threads and the gauge screws into that. I think only one of the machines mentioned had an issue because the spout didn't screw in.

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