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Thread: Seeking advice about Hario/ cold drip towers

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    Seeking advice about Hario/ cold drip towers

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    Hi everyone,

    First time poster here, hoping I might get some advice from those who have bought/own a cold drip tower.

    I'm looking to purchase my first tower, as I've just moved and am having trouble getting my daily fix of cold drip coffee... But with so many models available I don't know where to start! if there's anyone who could point me in the right direction, or could point me in the direction of a stockist in the Melbourne CBD area I'd be really grateful!

    Excellent extraction is of course my top priority, but I'd also like something that would make a beautiful display piece for my bench. Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks in advance...

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    I love cold drip coffee! Though, I can't wait for it to finish!

    A friend of mine has a cafe and we were talking about it. They offer cold drip options but many customers don't ask for that option and they usually brew for show purposes as they are a specialist in their area.

    The use of ice is important in the process, allowing for freshly ground coffee (prefer a stronger Italian Espresso straight blend myself), then storing in the fridge at around 4 degree or so. You can however once dripped pour over additional ice to reduce the temperature again but I prefer putting it in the fridge for an hour. The drip process usually is 3-4 hours so I suggest to brew a batch every day to have the next day. It produces a smooth, strong coffee which removes the bitterness and acids. He suggested around 60 gm of coffee produces around 700ml of coffee with a slow drip regulated through the valve. The regulated valve should be very slow. Like a 'drip-drip' slow if you know what I mean. I think you could experiment to see which you like best as we all have different tastes.

    I buy my coffee online from commercial link removed per site posting policy and they have a range of Hario Brewing items but I just checked and they don't have the Cold Drip available. But I'm sure they can quote. I think it's just over $300.

    Good luck.
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    I love my hario cold drip. I am enjoying it more than espresso but that's likely because it's still a new toy.

    I got mine by going to a coffee shop that had one. I explained that it was months before they would be available from the few suppliers I knew that sold them.

    They offered to order one for me. Had it in my hands in 3 days. The only thing was my grinder couldn't grind coarse enough but those coffee shop guys again came to the rescue and ordered me a Baratza to do the job.

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