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Thread: Pressure gauge problem

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    Pressure gauge problem

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    Hi all,
    recently, I have noted my Rocket Giotto's pressure gauge (single) is slowly creeping up on the pressure reading... normally it would stay between 1 - 1.5 bar, but now its creeping up to around 2.5;

    Even when it has cooled down, it would still hang around 1.5-2; so Im thinking its more of a sticky needle? (if that is possible?) Temp seems ok, as the shots I have pulled are still consistent, and not burned even when it is showing a high pressure on the guage.

    Is it time to replace the gauge? I have also noted there are some white settlements from the hot water tap, and looks like might be some calcium being dislodged after my last service.


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    Sounds like a wonky gauge and/or pipe feeding it being restricted.

    Odd that it is registering higher than your boiler pressure (presumable as the safety valve would have cut in at 2.5bar I would have thought).

    If you feel like a tinker, take the gauge out and the feed. You can test the feed pipe by seeing if you can easily blow through it. To get an old gauge going once I hooked up a tube a couple of metres long, connected to gauge and filled with de scaling solution. I kept the tube vertical to give the gauge some head pressure. Left it for a while then rinsed out with water. This fixed it.


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