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Thread: Random gusher/choked pour diagnosis

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    Random gusher/choked pour diagnosis

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    Just recently, with the same grind/dose/tamp using the same batch of beans, I have randomly been experiencing occasional gushers and also choked pours.
    Maybe 1 in 15-20 shots.
    I am fairly confident it is machine/grinder related and not a usage issue.

    My guess at potential problems are:
    1) Pump on the way out (doesn't sound any different)
    2) Worn grinder burrs
    3) OPV playing up

    Before I start replacing parts I thought I would check if any of these are more likely or if it could be something else.

    I have an Iberital De Recanvis which has ground about 400g per week over the last 7 years for me.
    However I bought it from a Coffee Snob and don't have any information about its previous history.
    Quaha single boiler, likewise I've had for 7 years but don't know the history of.


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    Sounds like it's probably down to worn out burrs on your grinder mate...
    Most likely generating random quantities of fines along with correctly sized cuttings.
    A new set of burrs shouldn't be too expensive and may get you back into coffee nirvana territory...
    Certainly can't hurt...

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    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Thanks Mal,

    No, not too expensive.
    Just wanted to check it was a likely source of the problem before purchasing.
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