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Thread: Simpresso - enough to knock off aeropress from its throne as a portable espresso

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    Simpresso - enough to knock off aeropress from its throne as a portable espresso

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Take a look at this new portable espresso machine - will give the aero press a real run for its money. It's called simpresso- let me know what you think

    Innovative Simpresso Portable Espresso Maker Launches on Kickstarter | Digital Trends

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    Hmm...Travel pods.... I'll pass

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    Hi madaxle.
    Don't want to burst your bubble, but.....
    I use an aeropress at work and I can't see anything in that video to make me even think about trying the Simpresso.
    Did you see the colour of the extraction near the end?
    There are other portable hand espresso devices out there that look as though they would do a better job, but I haven't tried any of them, so don't know for sure.
    Just my initial thoughts, others may well have a different view,

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    Looks more like a competitor to the Presso to me. Hard to tell from a video, but it looks like the pressure varies considerably across the 'pump action', and the crema on the final shot looks like a piece of fried haloumi (though looked much better earlier in the video).

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    It's actually a reusable, user filled capsule, so you can grind fresh before brewing 2mcm. Not quite the same as a proper filter basket, but better than prepacked.
    It's not really competing with the Aeropress, it's much more similar to the Minipresso or Handpresso. Looks like it has a couple of advantages over these products, but still some of the downsides as well such as only having a very small ground coffee capacity and probably being a bit difficult to keep hot. Still, at fifty odd bucks it could be worth a try.
    If only someone would buy the patent for the Mypressi and give that a once over. The only true portable, hand help espresso maker ever made.
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    It won't be giving anything a run for any money at this rate. Barely 10% raised of an already revised kickstarter goal, and almost out of time.

    Besides, the timeline suggests November at the earliest, so some time off before any real world data about good or otherwise.

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