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Thread: Replacing the inner no-burn steam wand tube

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    Replacing the inner no-burn steam wand tube

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    Hi CSers

    I recently noticed the inner no-burn tube of my steam wand got a little shorter with the use and I would like to replace it.
    I already tried to take it off completely but I am not experienced enough to tame a flaming hot steam wand just to have a tiny bit of more power, so the inner tube will have to stay

    With the occasion I would like to make it a bit longer, just to fit into the steaming tip. Where can I get something that will withstand heat and that I can cut to my preference?


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    Have you tried coffeeparts?

    Weird that it has shrunk? Have you checked the end near the tap? Perhaps it has been pushed up towards the valve and is now "short" at the tip?


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