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Thread: Rocket Evo Upgrade with "DotShot"

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    Rocket Evo Upgrade with "DotShot"

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    Hello.. all

    A number of years ago, I had my 2007 ECM Giotto fitted with an "ShureShot" timer, and this has been working like a charm..
    In recent months I have had a number of projects going, one of these was the full repair and rebuild of a Rocket Evoluzione V2 machine which needed parts and repairs to the actual controller board as it was not heating.

    Thinking back to my original 2007 modification and ShureShot retrofit, I recall that Sean Alcorn of ACE Services was repairing the control board and also replacing the mechanical relays with Solid-State Relays (SSRs) for much improved longevity and reliability.

    As I was looking to replace my 2007 Giotto with the newer generation Rocket Evo, I also wanted to have it upgraded with a ShureShot Timer as well.

    I contacted Sean to discuss what options I had with respect to the controller and also to have a ShureShot timer installed.

    Sean replied; "Mate, I will do you one better". He went on to explain that they have completely redesigned the Power/Relay side of the controller.

    The Rocket controllers are comprised of two separate boards which are connected together, one side handles the mains voltage and relay switching while the other is the "logic" side which generates the low-voltage signaling from the various parts of the machine such as water level, group leva etc.

    What Sean has done, is a cleaver solution of improvements and integrating the power supply and trigger signal for the shureShot timer via a separate and additional connector. The improvements made to the power supply side of the controller include replacement of all the unreliable mechanical relays with Solid-State Relays and also replacing the old underrated transformer with a more durable universal voltage power supply.

    What this means, is that Sean has done away with the need of mounting an additional power-supply module and extra re-wiring work for the previous Shureshot Timer.

    One thing that I love, is the most recent release of the new "DotShot" timer, resulting in a very clean, sleek and sophisticated addition to the Rocket.

    For images of the recent project, please see the link below:

    For those interested in seeing my 2007 machine with the original ShureShot;



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    Very nice.

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    Been looking for a shot timer for the Giotto, this may fit the bill.

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