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Thread: Precision Tamper 58.35mm at good price

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    Precision Tamper 58.35mm at good price

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    There is a well priced ($70) 58.35mm Precision fit Tamper (suitable for VST baskets) available from site sponsor JetBlack Espresso -

    By default the listing shows 58.7mm Convex but you can select from a range of sizes starting at 49mm in both flat or convex shape.

    The 58.35mm size seems to be recommended for VST baskets. At $70 this tamper is around half the price of common precision tampers.

    One of these tampers in 58.7mm convex came with a 2nd hand Silvia i bought a few years ago. Recently I bought a 15gm ridged VST basket and tried this tamper which surprisingly fits as close as you can get without grabbing the filter (no sideways movement). Seems to work well on my VST basket but I believe 58.7mm may not fit in other size VST baskets due to design/manufacturing variations which I guess is why 58.35mm is the recommended size.
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    Think I have bought a rebranded version of this tamper in the past. Great weight and good balance. And well priced of course!

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    Will this tamper in the 58.7 fit the pullman or pesado baskets? I know pullmans are very close to 58.7 + or -

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