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Thread: Coffee leaks out of top?

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    Coffee leaks out of top?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all, :)

    I am having some trouble with a coffee machine (Bugatti Diva) where the coffee is leaking out of the top of the group when making a coffee.

    We have tried many things to see what the problem could be, but it seems harder to pin point then expected.

    Not enough pressure and heat before passing the coffee? (we have tried to wait until it is the right pressure and still there is a leak)

    Adding more than 14grams into the group? (we have put more, less and exactly 14 grams and still the same problem, also tried with the single and put 7 grams and same thing happens)

    Tamping incorrectly? (we have tamped softly, middle and hard to see variances and still there is leakage)

    Not tightening group or placing it correctly? (we have made sure we have put the group on properly and level)

    The leak is more sometimes, and sometimes just drops come out from the top of the group. The rubber seal wouldnt be damaged as the machine is not even a week old.

    Can anyone think of what the problem could be? Is this problem common?

    Thank you for your time everyone, sorry about the long post.

    Kind regards,
    Sandro :)

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    Re: Coffee leaks out of top?

    Obviously its a problem between the PF & group head - double check that the PF cant rotate further around (I know quite a few arent "straight" when fully locked in).

    If it looks like a seal problem, then if its brand new Id say take it back...

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    Re: Coffee leaks out of top?

    Not familiar with this machine Sandro,

    But it seems you have checked out all the obvious areas and as shauno suggests, this means a trip back to the vendor you bought it from and have it rectified under warranty. When you bring it back, be prepared to give them a demo of whats going on so that there can be no doubt about what it is that is going wrong. All the best mate,


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    Re: Coffee leaks out of top?

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    You wouldnt expect a $1000 machine to have a crema enhancer type disk inthe PF but its worth asking, does the PF have a crema disk (a la Gaggia)? If it does, that could be the problem if the disk is a rubber thing that sits on the bottom and the upward pressure forces the coffee to come out in between the portafilter handle and the basket.

    Happened with the Gaggia with the disk in because the gaggia basket doesnt sit flushed against the disk like the other presurrised ones around. Its not meant to be used with the crema disk anyway.

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