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Thread: Gooseneck Kettle

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    Gooseneck Kettle

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi folks,

    On my weekly visit to my coffee shop where I buy my roasted beans from I've noticed recently they've been using a gooseneck kettle. My first impressions were "yeah, yeah, whatever floats your boat boys, go ahead and show it off, I'm happy keeping my money and just using my ordinary Sunbeam kettle, but good luck to you if you think it's nice" I couldn't see the value apart from others thinking it looks good...

    I've been going there for a while and from time to time they make a pourover using this kettle and give me probably equivalent to a double shot of freshly brewed pour over coffee... I've said nothing to them about the kettle. I recently went to another one of my old coffee places. I got talking them about these kettles, they basically showed me over the couple types they had for sale and physically showed me an older model they use by boiling water to 92 C and pouring me a double shot of the pour over they made...

    I do syphons and pour overs at home so I eventually bought the gooseneck below...I must say...I'm glad I did...For the price of a good Breville or good Delonghi kettle or the likes I got this one and it is so much better.

    You can adjust it to the precise (within 1 degree) temperature you want. In my case, I like to do pour overs at 92 C. When it boils the water it is quiet and when it gets to within around 5 C, it slows down and turns on and off until it gets to the exact temperature dialled in...Further, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this kettle pours...It feels good..I now think a gooseneck kettle is a worthwhile purchase.

    I wonder what others think?

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    yup, it's a great piece of kit. i have that same brewista. even been considering getting the 'stout spout' model as a more general-purpose kettle.
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    I have a Hario kettle that I'm also very fond of.
    Not electric, but use it with an induction cooktop that achieves a very similar result, in the end...

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    I have a Brewista its very easy to use. Good for when people come over and want tea, I can turn on and it keeps the temperature until I need to use it.
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