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Thread: Vibration vs rotary pumps

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    Vibration vs rotary pumps

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    Hereís one for the brains trust.
    What are the thoughts on vibration vs rotary?

    My thoughts (may be wrong) are:
    Vibration - louder, canít be plumbed but better for extraction due to gentle pressure ramping up on the coffee puck.
    Rotary - quieter, can be plumbed, harder on the coffee puck so more chance of chaneling.

    What do others think? My main interest here is thoughts on the extraction quality, channeling, etc, etc


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    Vibe pumps are certainly louder, in particular when they are filling up the steam boiler or at the start of an extraction. They become quiet as they build pressure.

    Whether a rotary pump makes for a more fragile puck that is sensitive to channeling I am not sure. The pressure that a rotary pump builds as soon as it is turned on is not necessarily the same as the pressure on the puck. Typically there is a restrictor in the flow path that makes for a more gentle pressure increase on the puck. Most machines with a rotary pump can be plumbed-in, however. This allows for the coffee to be soaked at water mains pressure before the pump is engaged.

    Finally, it is possible to plumb in a machine with a vibe pump, but it requires a flow restrictor and solenoid valve in the water supply plus mods to tubing and wiring.

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    G'day Grillsy...

    The pressure ramp can be controlled to an extent by ensuring you have an optimum sized Gicleur fitted into the Brew Circuit/Group, depending on the Thermosyphon design if applicable. The smaller the Gicleur jet size for an equivalent pressure, the slower will be the pressure build up above the coffee puck.

    I think there are some models of espresso machines using a Vibe Pump that can be plumbed in. I think Bezzera has/had at least one model so there's no real reason why that can't be considered. Anyway, if both systems are designed and set up properly, neither is better/worse than the other when it comes to coffee quality in the cup. As you say though, Rotary Pumps are lovely and quiet...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grillsy View Post
    Here’s one for the brains trust.
    What are the thoughts on vibration vs rotary?
    Also, a quick search shows at least 3 other threads with the same title and many more with similar.

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    Thanks for the replies brains trust. Thatís good reading and good learning

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