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Thread: Favorite Coffee Brewing Nic-Nacs

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    Favorite Coffee Brewing Nic-Nacs

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    There's those little Nic-Nacs that are nice to have and some are even quite useful. What are your favorites? These are 2 of mine-

    The OE stainless steel Dosing Funnel.

    OE dosing funnel 2a.jpeg

    OE Dosing Funnel 1a.jpg

    Usually half fill the filter basket, give it 2 taps on the tamping mat, put the funnel on the basket and fill. Lot less mess than before getting the funnel. Originally in Aluminium, now available in Stainless Steel.

    Scott Callaghan Dosing Tools (3 Piece Set)


    These came with a used machine I bought some years ago. Probably wouldn't have thought to buy them outright but have been using them daily since I got my current machine. The 3 piece set gives you 6 different profiles (double sided, one is flat) for adjusting the dose in your filter basket and are made of ABS plastic which has a nice feel. There are other sets in the range with more pieces (15,30,40 etc) which have minute graduations between profiles but these are made from acrylic and feel rather cheap compared to ABS. I also have the 30 piece set (thinking they were ABS when I bought them). I find for day to day use I like the feel of the 3 piece set's ABS plastic and the choice of profiles is sufficient with my current set-up. Makes consistent dosing a lot easier as well as adjusting the dose for a bit of trial and error testing.
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    Thanks for sharing CafeLotta.

    These serendipitously sized little containers were my indispensables when I was using 58mm baskets. Employed as follows:
    1. Great storage container for single dosing.
    2. Adding two drops of water and shaking takes care of RDT.
    3. Grind directly into the container.
    4. Sit 58mm basket on top and invert (won't slip off - the sealing lip is just the right size).
    5. Tap or shake to level (it's transparent so you can see what's going on inside).

    Ps bought these at Coles or Woolworths for about 50 cents each. Their capacity is 75ml and they're branded as "decor".

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    Concur on the The OE stainless steel Dosing Funnel, I use my all the time and it has cut down on mess around the grinder considerably.
    A favourite of mine is the metal filter for my Hario syphon, it allows the coffee oils through to enhance the taste, the fine sediment that sneaks through settles at the bottom of bowl and does not affect the taste experience.
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    Also a fan of the OE Dosing Funnel!

    But one that has served me very well (it's not necessarily a coffee brewing gadget, but something which assists in the process), is my little stopwatch timer .

    I've had this for wow, going on 9 years or so? How did I get it you may ask? Was one of those free gifts you get in a box of Kellogg's cereal . Push a button to start, push to stop, push to reset, simple! I love it...

    Have used it to time every single shot I've ever pulled, and I've never ever replaced the battery! Must be some kind of record.....

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    I use a Chinese restaurant wooden chop stick to poke the remainder of coffee grounds out of the grinder spout :-)
    That's a nic-nak.
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    These two whisks ($6 from Spotlight) are great for distributing grinds in a filter basket. however, they needs a suitable funnel to stop the grinds from distributing all over your bench.
    If you use 58mm baskets the containers mentioned in post #2 of this thread (with their bottoms cut out) make perfect funnels.

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