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Thread: Rivers (Japan) Travel Cup Wallmug Sleek

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    Rivers (Japan) Travel Cup Wallmug Sleek

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    Hey guys, I was looking for a reusable coffee cup that has a sealed lid and found this cup from a Japanese brand called Rivers: Link (remove if violates forum rules) WALLMUG SLEEK – RIVERS

    I was surprised to see one of these at MICE 2018 and on another occasion when I got my EK43S from a local place in Melbourne.

    Personally I find it to be quite versatile and of decent quality. The most noticeable thing about it is the screw-on lid that seals really well, so no need to worry about spilling when travelling on a tram with the cup in the backpack.

    The other cool aspect is the coffee filter accessory that I sometimes use to make filter coffee(or sometimes tea) on the go. Of course it won't be the same as from a Hario V60 at home but it's quite convenient for someone who would like to make his own coffee at work.

    Just curious to see if anyone else has used one and what do people think of it?

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