Sorry for the fast post that i made, been very busy with the distribution and sales this time of year.

What we created is a special new category of products, specially made for La Pavoni Pre and Millenium models.

What we offer is:

1. Full installation kit and piston pressure profiling kit
2. Tampers full stainless steel with professional base of 49.5 and 51.5
3. Naked portafilters with straight interior design that accept big baskets, both for pre and millenium models
4. Funnel so no grind coffee is spilled
5. Steam tip with only one hole
6. Boiler pressure kit with manometer and special adapter

All the products are made using a CNC mill and only from stainless steel or brass, no chrome, aluminium or other products.
For this forum, we can offer special prices, please send me PM if you are interested in any.

All these products are on stock now and no problem with shipping them.
We already shipped some in NZ and we hope in Au also.