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Thread: Need portafilter

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    Need portafilter

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    i recently got my hands on a faema compact s1 e98 machine however it came with no portafilter. I would like to get a ports filter for it and donít want to spend much money. How is the best way to go about getting one preferably as cheap as I can?

    Im located on the Central Coast NSW.

    thanks in advance for any advice

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    Need portafilter

    A lot of the CS Site Sponsors here who tap in to Bombora wholesale should be able to get you replacement OEM or generic parts... I see they have Faema parts listed online.

    CoffeeParts offer discount for CS members here ...


    Use code for 10% off... CSCP

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    Crema Coffee Garage in Newcastle.

    If youíre looking at the coffee snobs website in browsers thereís a list of sponsors and Quote/contact all option at the bottom of the page

    Hope this helps.

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    I got a couple of spare portafilters from my local coffee service centre. they had piles of old PF's and were quite happy to sell me one for $30.
    You'll need to look for a Cimbali compatible poratfilter to fit your machine, not a Faema which has the ears in a different location.

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