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Thread: Automated Cold Brew

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    Lightbulb Automated Cold Brew

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    Hi All,

    The office I work in (around 10 employees) has recently been getting into cold brew coffee. We purchased a toddy cold brew system and a baratza encore grinder and we canít get enough of it. We go through about a pot a day but the issue is becoming that everyone is happy to pull the jug out of the fridge and pour themselves a glass but very few bother to put a pot on in the arvo.

    So Iíve decided that I want to automate the system. General idea would be to mimic the instructions of the toddy system Ė water, coffee, water, wait, coffee, water, waitÖ

    Is there any other products out there that do this sort of thing already or has anyone had a crack at doing it?

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    The Breville Precision Brewer is the only one I've heard of

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