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Thread: Remote Mount E61 HX temperature sensor

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    Remote Mount E61 HX temperature sensor

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    Following on from the other thread, does anyone have an option for an external temperature sensor where there is no clearance to the M6 hole to mount an inline sensor?

    My BCM Diadema 1GV has the upper control panel almost entirely overhang the E61 grouphead, and the CoffeeSensor gauge will foul on the upper panel.

    Given its an M6x1 thread i was considering just using a standard themocouple with remote mounted digital gauge. But wondering if there is something nicer?

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    Do you have a close up shot to show how much clearance you have above the M6 screw?

    Is your machine something like this one? :-


    The only grouphead thermometer that may fit is TheBat device. It uses a blind drilled M6 screw with a shortened thermometer probe which press fits into the blind hole. The thermometer head is the smallest of the 4 I've used. You may be able to carefully bend the probe just after it exits the screw so that the thermometer face sits vertical. Depends on exactly how much room you have under there.

    Thebat device.jpg VBM-Thebat.JPG

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    I have been looking at the sunbeam thermocouple holders from a old 6910. They have 2 small short screws to retain a plastic holder. The thermocouple wires push through and twist together and are held with (heatproof?) Epoxy. They use (from memory) a 100k NTC. So that sensor may not be that useful... But it is easily replaced. Mount sensor with some thermal paste and it should be good to go..

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