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Thread: Basket and Tamper

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    Basket and Tamper

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    Thanks to everyone who replied to the other thread, a lot of people commented on the need to change the standard silvia double basket, so I guess my question now is what basket would you recommend? What size would the tamper be to fit that basket? Will that basket fit well with the silvia pf?

    Also what is the difference between ridged and unridged basket?

    Thanks again everyone for taking the time to help out!

    Deciding between the Pullman :-/ Reg Barber *

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    Re: Basket and Tamper

    Hi Illuminati!

    ridge and ridgeless refer to a ridge that runs around the circumference of the basket (have a look at your silvia double basket, it has a ridge about 1cm below the top of the basket) which allows the porterfilter spring (a "C" shaped bit of metal) to hold the basket in place. If you have a ridged basket you can use a weaker spring, if you have a ridgeless basket you might need to get a stronger spring to stop the basket falling out when you hit it to get the puck out. No big deal in terms of the mechanics of keeping the filterbasket in place, but people have preferences with how that affects the tamp and thus the coffee.

    Silvia uses a 58mm basket so i figure 58mm baskets would fit (Im not totally sure). I think if you do a search you will find that the popular contenders for use in the Silvia are the
    -LaMarzocca double ridged filterbasket
    -LaMarzocca style double ridgeless filterbasket (not actually made by LaMarzocca)
    -Synesso double ridgeless filterbasket

    I might not be the best person to recommend baskets because im a Silvia newbie, but Ive progressed from the silvia double filterbasket to a LaMarzocca double ridged filterbasket and have just ordered a Synesso double ridgeless filterbasket. I found the Silvia double FB tricky to get good shots with and the LaMarzocco has annoyed me because it has a smaller diameter below the ridge, so my tamper wont fit below that. I guess this doesnt really have to be a problem if you dose so that you tamp above that level, but Ive found it annoying which is why im keenly awaiting my Synesso basket. I cant really comment on the Synesso as i havent used it yet but im sure Greg Pullman and many other people will have lotsa good things to say about it.

    Hope that helps
    All the best!

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    Re: Basket and Tamper

    Thanks Sammy, I think I will grab a 58mm Synesso from Pullman.

    I noticed someone said that they had experienced problems in the form of the basket falling out when using the knock box, would this be different with ridged version? is there a downside to the ridged version?



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    Re: Basket and Tamper

    Hi illuminati

    Now you have decided on a Pullman, I feel it appropriate to chime in. I dont like convincing people they should buy one of our tampers - Id much prefer they decide that for themselves.

    OK Synesso baskets and the Silvia (or pretty much any other machine which takes ridged baskets as standard......)

    The PF spring in these PFs is weaker than the equivalent which takes ridgeless (as the ridge helps to hold the basket in)....

    So if you currently have a ridged basket machine the easy option is to get a ridged Synesso. Now whilst they are excellent baskets, my personal preference in the ridgeless... The puck definitely knocks out more cleanly and I feel (and this is just my experience) the tamp is slightly better as it doesnt have the ridge to upset the uniformity of the tamp.....

    OK so what if you want a ridgeless for the Silvia...

    Well you can put up with the basket coming out with the spent puck occasionally, but I find if you knock the puck out by tapping the edge of the basket on the knock box rail - this doesnt happen.....

    You can bend the existing spring a little more so it holds the basket more firmly....

    You can buy a stronger replacement spring from us (also on the website) to replace the existing spring - but at the moment there will be a slight delay on orders including these as we have sold all our stock and more are on the way - expected next week....

    I use ridgeless Synessos on my La Cimbali (and have been for a couple of months) with a fitted tamper and the results are far better than the Genuine La Cimbali baskets (which are pretty good)... they also were used with a fitted tamper (different size to the Synesso tamper)....

    I hope that makes the basket situation a bit clearer.... we have singles and both types of doubles in stock and I can match a tamper and basket(s) for you, no problem.


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    Re: Basket and Tamper

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    Hey Mark,

    For $1.50, its worthwhile grabbing a portafilter spring whilst you grab the basket. The "synesso" double that I have isnt quite as deep as the "la marzocco" double, which fit fine in my silvia, so I reckon that you should be fine.



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