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Thread: cleaning silvia

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    cleaning silvia

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    Ive had a silvia/rocky for a few months and am enjoying great coffee.

    Time to clean. I am trying to undo the screw holding the showerscreen in without success. Its just too damn tight. The screwdriver is slipping and I am risking harming the mesh (already pinched it in one spot).

    Am I missing something or is this screw in too tight? Help!

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    Re: cleaning silvia

    Hi davidc,

    Yes, this can be a real bugger to shift for the unwary. Its a pity that you werent forewarned by the retailer you bought the machine from. Pretty well all specialist retailers will advise you to loosen this screw before first using the machine and to retighten just beyond finger-tight.

    Since you werent advised to do this, the constant heating/cooling cycles have woven their magic and all but "frozen" the screw into place. About the only thing I could suggest, is to apply some Freon (Shhh) freezing spray directly on to the screw and then very quickly try loosening it before the whole metal mass balances out the thermal imbalance. You will have to make sure you are using a driver with a new bit installed or a new screwdriver with nice sharp edges on the tip.

    Failing this, you might have to locate a machine shop or some other workshop environment where they may have small right-angle drive impact wrenches in use. I dont know that a standard small impact wrench would be able to fit in the gap between the Group and the Drip-tray shelf. Hopefully the freezing spray will do the trick though. All the best and good luck,


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    Re: cleaning silvia

    Yup make absolutely sure the end of the driver you are using fits snugly...under no circumstances use a driver with an end that is smaller than the slot in the screw or of course it will just mangle the screw.

    If you reach the point where nothing has worked for you, and the head of the screw is mangled, I will have one last thing for you to try that is simple and almost always works, but destroys the shower. It therefore necessitates you buy a replacement shower as well as the screw.


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    Re: cleaning silvia

    thanks guys, not the answer I was hoping for. I bought it from one of the most reputable internet suppliers, who also supplied the silvia with one of its leg pads missing! So much for testing! Very unhappy! If I wasnt interstate Id send it back.

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    Re: cleaning silvia

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    I have a nut on mine with a screw slot. If it is a nut then use a ratchet and socket on it. The screw heads are always easy to bugger up.


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