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Thread: CMA Luna not pulling water

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    CMA Luna not pulling water

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    Hi, just joined after reading all the lovely coffee posts. *:(

    Noticed a post on here about this model, had already decided to buy this Luna espresso machine - no warranty but new machine. It can wallmount but actually on a bench stand. I followed the manual but think Im missing something or theres a fault. Supposedly you turn it all on, select the coffee dispensing position (lever up) & it should suck up water from the side bottle into the machine tank & push it out the filter holder. It doesnt suck, made a bit of racket to start with. All the other lights etc seemed ok. Couldnt get water to go up into the tank, so held the siphon up to let it run towards the machine but it wouldnt go in. I tried blowing it in but took a lot of pressure & then a tiny bit dribbled out the bottom of the tank! Seems like a gap or break in the internal tank seal? *Im guessing its sucking air instead of water. Hope the pump isnt hurt. Is it supposed to warm up for say 10mins before you select the dispensing position? Anyway, more time didnt make a difference, just all the noise inside stopped.
    Im going to talk to a coffeemachine repair place locally soon, but it was such a disappointment today.....supposed to be a great newyearsday coffee....

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    Re: CMA Luna not pulling water

    Did you buy it from evil bay....?

    If it is a new machine it has to have a warranty and has to be supplied to you fully operational. If not then you can get your money back as it does not do what it is supposed to do.

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    Re: CMA Luna not pulling water

    Got the Luna back from repairshop - made our first coffees today - brilliant. It had a broken pipe inside & no, there was no warranty as private sale. It was worth the repair to hear the techie explain a few things as I was able to make espresso without a problem then. Going shopping for a burr grinder now...

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    Re: CMA Luna not pulling water

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    Quote Originally Posted by moreblues link=1199186318/0#2 date=1200456754
    Going shopping for a burr grinder now...
    Great news about the Luna mb 8-).... As youve probably read ad nauseam ::) throughout many threads here on CS and elsewhere, get the best Grinder you can afford and you will be in espresso nirvana before you know it and probably more important, is that you can visit any time you want for as long as you want ;D.

    All the best mate,

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