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Thread: Need some other ideas for problem

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    Need some other ideas for problem

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    We have the Sunbeam 6910. BRILLIANT machine.

    Lately it has been leaking out over the basket etc. My husband replaced the seal, when we pulled out the old seal it had a split in it.

    Problem is, it still leaks. What else could be the problem??

    We do not want to have to send it awayfor repair we NeedCoffeeeee..... ;D

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    Re: Need some other ideas for problem

    Hey NC, Ive heard that in the 6900 (previous model), tearing of the group head seal was often caused by a split in the group head itself. I havent heard of this happening to the 6910 and it would probably be obvious - but worth a quick check!

    Other thing is that the seals do soften with age/use, so youll notice that the portafilter locks in further to the right with more use. I found that until it was locking in past the perpendicular, the seal did leak a little, just dripping a total of around 5ml mainly from the side opposite the p/f handle - so it may resolve itself with a bit of use. Other than that I can only guess that maybe the new seal isnt seated properly - have you tried removing and re-seating it?

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    Re: Need some other ideas for problem

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    this may sound like an stupid suggestion but ive seen plenty of people put there new seals in upside down so that could be worth a check

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